The Idaho Health Facilities Authority, through the Technical Assistance Program, provides subsidies to Idaho health care providers in need of consulting services. These services includes areas such as financial analysis, board development, organizational development, and strategic planning facilitation for community health leaders.

The purpose and intent of the TAP program is to maintain a stable health care environment for the citizens of Idaho and to provide health care providers the needed technical assistance through the provision of subsidies.

The Authority Board has determined that if the application falls with the facilities “normal course of business operations and functions” category, it would not qualify for a TAP subsidy.


Idaho public or non-profit health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, district health departments and community health clinics may qualify for subsidized services if they have commitment of their organization, need for technical assistance, and potential to continue financial stability and system operations.

A facility can apply for subsidized technical assistance by submitting an online application using the link below. The application is reviewed and a decision regarding the amount of the subsidy is made typically within a few days.

Questions can be submitted to contact@idhfa.org.


Depending on your specific needs, services can be subsidized by the IHFA up to 50%. Up to $1,000 subsidies for CMS Audit readiness reviews. Funds are prioritized for rural facilities.

Application and Service Examples

TAP ApplicationTAP Service Descriptions